Management Services


Owner Representation

The most important aspect of our owner relationship is the structure of our management agreement. Our fee is based strictly on the profitability of the hotel. We have the same interest as the owner. We often characterize our relationship as a partnership, because we participate in the results of the hotel. Because we own hotels, we naturally look at issues as an owner would.

Franchise Relations

Hospitality Specialists, Inc. has many years experience in working with a wide variety of national brands. Hospitality Specialists corporate team members forge alliances and positive working relationships with the appropriate brand counterpart to their function from development to operations.


The corporate team is charged with ensuring clean, well-maintained, profitable hotels under the Hospitality Specialists, Inc. umbrella. The team is responsible for the budget, cost controls, and profitability as well as on-going training, reporting and auditing. The company is well versed in all areas of risk management and safety and personnel regulations dealing with issues such as Cobra, FMLA, ADA, OSHA, and Labor Law.

Sales & Marketing

Hospitality Specialists, Inc. believes in a strong and effective sales and marketing effort at the property and corporate levels. Strategic marketing plans are put in place for each property and reviewed on a regular basis. Rate maximization via Revenue Management is an integral part of our operations strategy. Brand strategies and platforms are explored and reviewed regularly. Hospitality Specialists, Inc. supports the Best Available Rate strategies and has expertise in managing inventory, restrictions, brand programs and all system controls.

Accounting/Payroll Services

Hospitality Specialists, Inc. provides centralized accounting services using M3 accounting software, for all hotels it manages, resulting in lower administrative payroll cost to the hotel and more accurate, informative and timely financial information. This system also ties into the specified payroll software for payroll administration.